AC12V/1A Stereo 2.0 Pre Amplifier Headphone Module Amplifier Buffer Board


Type: FE-6J1-2.0B

Channel type: 2.0/ stereo

Power input: AC12V 1A / 5.5*2.5 plug

Knob function: Power switch / volume control

Size: 76 x 74 x 20mm

Pre-amp tube diameter: 18mm

Method of use:

1, 12V input:

Using DC5.5*2.1 socket, available AC 12V power adapter, can also use the 12V transformer, if the use of 12V transformer, the power line should soldering on the circuit board. Remember: you can not use the DC power input, otherwise will not work!

2, The left channel input / right channel input:

For the audio signal input terminal, can be connected to mobile phones, computers, MP3, MP4, and other music player.

3, The left channel output / right channel output:

The output terminal of the audio signal can be connected to an audio signal input terminal of a power amplifier and a power amplifier board.

4, The power switch / volume knob:

The knob rotates counterclockwise to reduce the volume, when the volume to the hour, continues to rotate, until the "tick" sound, then power off, lights out.

In the closed state, the knob clockwise, hear "tick" sound, lights up, it means the power supply has been opened, then the volume is minimal, and then continue to rotate clockwise to increase the volume .

Package includes:

1 x Pre Amplifier Board

2 x Pre-amp Tube