AC20V-28V LM3886+NE5532 68W+68W 4-8 Ohm Amp Power Amplifier Board

This is a Stereo 68W*2 LM3886+NE5532 Amplifier Assemble Board. Use 2pcs of LM3886&NE5532 and 2 X 10000 UF NOVER audio-specific capacitors, you can control bass treble and volume adjustment.




1. Supply voltage: AC dual 20V-28V, recommend use above two 26V / 150W

2. Output Power: 68W * 2

3. Speaker Impedance: 4-8 Ohm

4. Potentiometer center spacing: 25mm

5. Dimension: 15*9.3*5cm


Package included:


1 x LM3886+NE5532 68W+68W Power Amplifier Board