Suitable for 24V batteries, when the battery voltage is normal, the Green led is lit on the Board and output connected, when battery over discharge(below 22V), the Board will automatically disconnect the battery and the load, and connect to batteries and Charger, green led off, when filled to full charge voltage , will automatically connect to load, and disconnect the charge, so the cycle.




Board Size: 4.9cm*7.2cm

Mounting holes diameter: 3mm

Fixing hole distance: 6.5*4.3cm

Main chip: LM358

Power consumption: 100mA(battery voltage normal), 12mA(battery undervoltage)

Maximum allowed 30A current flow,30A are relay contacts load current range, not the battery current (capacity).




After battery under voltage, module will disconnect output, when disconnect output, if battery of voltage rebounded to full electric of voltage, battery will automatically connect load, and disconnect connection with charger, undervoltage value and full charge voltage value can be adjusted through potentiometer , set this 2 values need adjustable power and multimeter, if do no have this 2 items, recommend buyers don't adjust them. Before shipment, we adjust the undervoltage value in 22V, restore the output voltage (fully charged voltage or overcharge protection voltage) in 26V.


Undervoltage adjustment:


Using adjustable power supply feed the voltage input you want , if less than 22V to disconnect, use adjustable power supply input 22V, adjust the blue potentiometer near to J4, make LM358 IC pin3 and pin4 voltage , pin2 and pin4 equal .


Restore the output voltage (full voltage) adjustment:


Using adjustable power supply input full charge voltage that you want, such as 26V to recover output, use adjustable power supply input 26V, adjust the blue potentiometer closed to J5, make LM358 IC 5pin and 4pin voltage equal to 6pin and 4pin. 

Package included:

1 x 24V 30A Battery Over Discharge Protection Board Undervoltage Overcharge Protection Module With Case