AC110V Wireless 1 Channel ON/OFF Light Lamp Remote Control Switch


Apply electrical: Droplight, crystal lamp, modern low-pressure lamp, absorb dome light, day flower lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fan, etc...

Fast and easy installation, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting any loads

Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and flexibility


Input: AC 110V 50/60Hz

Output loading per way: <=1000W (general lamp)  <=200W (energy saving lamp)

Remote control distance is about 20 meters

Remote control switch battery: 12V 23A (NOT included)

IR Remote size: Approx. 108mm x 48mm

Switch Receiver Size: Approx. 61 x 45 x 25mm

Operation Instruction:

Press any one of the buttons ON/ OFF/ SLEEP on remote controller of switch, the corresponding light or socket is powered, another press will cut it off.

Package included:

1 x 1 channel Switch

1 x Remote Control